The Law Reform Commission of Sierra Leone is an independent institution established by the Law Reform Commission Act, 1994 (No. 17 of 1994) as amended by the National Provisional Ruling Council Decrees (Repeal and Modification) Act, 1996 (No.3 of 1996), to keep under review all Laws of Sierra Leone for the purpose of their reform, development, consolidation and codification.

The Commission is supervised by the Office of the President. The Secretariat, which is headed by Secretary provides both administrative and professional support to the Commission.

The membership of the Commission is drawn from various institutions to wit: the Office of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, the Sierra Leone Law School, the Sierra Leone Bar Association, the Faculty of Law of the University of Sierra Leone and the Superior Judicature of Sierra Leone.


To continually review and reform the laws of Sierra Leone with a view to their systematic development, codification, and consolidation, thereby bringing the law up to date with current social, economic, and political realities.


The Commission seeks the development of a just and equitable legal system that ensures access to justice for all and promotes the attainment of the nation's political and socio-economic development priorities.