The mandate of the Law Reform Commission as set out in the Law Reform Commission Act 1994 as amended by the Repeal and modification Act 1996, is to:

  • Keep under review all laws both statutory and otherwise, from time to time in force in Sierra Leone for the purpose of their reform, development, consolidation and codification. (section 3(1) )
  • In the performance of such functions, under section 3(1) the Commission shall prepare and submit review recommendations in the form of reports to the Attorney General and Minister of justice recommendations for:

(a) Eliminating anomalies and other defects in any branch of the law;

(b) Repealing obsolete and outdated enactments;

(c) Consolidating enactments; and

(d) Generally developing, modernising and bringing the law up to date.


The Law Reform Commission is the statutorily mandated Agency of Government responsible for law reform in Sierra Leone. The mandate of the Commission, as stated above provides the Government an opportunity to modernize its laws; improve and maintain justice in the law, expunge obsolete and outdated provisions/laws; eliminate anomalies and other defects in the law; formulate new ideas or approaches in the law in keeping with Sierra Leone’s commitment to global standards of human right, democracy, good governance and vision 2030 for sustainable development in a planned and systematic manner.